Author: Eric Schlange

Confirming the #ZwiftEffect

Today I finally had the chance to get outside and ride my favorite climb here in Lake County, California. It’s the dreaded stretch of highway known to locals simply as “Hopland”–a windy mountain road climbing around 1000′ over 4 miles of sketchy asphalt. I rode this climb weekly for most of 2015, so I know it like the back of my hand. I was curious how quickly I could climb it after riding almost entirely on Zwift for the past 2 months, but I knew my effort wouldn’t be a full 100% because my legs were still burnt from the previous day’s ZTR race....

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Zwift Mobile Link v1.5 released

Zwift rolled out an updated version of their “Zwift Mobile Link” app for iOS and Android today. This is the “companion app” for Zwift software, allowing you to interact with other riders while running the game on your computer. The app isn’t the game, it’s just a tool to help you play the game. Here’s what their news release says about the update: FAVORITE RIDERSMark your favorite riders and get notified when they start a ride. PUSH NOTIFICATIONSReceive notifications when you have new followers, follow requests, or when your favorite riders start riding. PROFILEQuickly see all relevant rider information in the new, streamlined Profile. BLUETOOTH BETA for Android The wait is over. Now you can try out BLE BETA on Android devices and pair your HR monitors, power meters and speed/cadence sensors by following these instructions. We’re already hard at work on the next release which will bring you the much requested ability to find and discover other friends on Zwift along with some other great...

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Take January’s 1000′ hill rep Zwift challenge

UPDATE: this challenge is now completed. The winner of the bidon drawing is Vince Jewlal of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Technically called the “The Banner to Banner 1000′ Hill Rep Challenge”, this is a different sort of race/challenge for the month of January. Everyone who enters qualifies for a drawing to win a much coveted Zwift water bottle (kindly donated by Zwift). Rules The hill rep goes from start/finish banner to the KOM banner and back to the start/finish banner. The banner line must be crossed at each end before initiating the turn around. Snapshot a selfie passing 1000 feet (305m)...

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Watopia “Figure 8” route details

Watopia’s “Figure 8” route covers the entire hilly and flat courses in both directions, which is actually pretty cool if you think about it. It’s a really nice course for an hour long ride that involves some climbing, but not the Epic KOM. Route details: Distance: 29.8km (18.4 miles) Elevation Gain: 234m (770′)Strava Forward SegmentStrava Reverse Segment Turns taken for forward “Figure 8” route: Turn 1 – Left (To Underwater) Turn 2 – Straight Turn 3 – Straight (To Marina) Turn 4 – Straight (To Bridge) Turn 5 – Straight (To Pier) Turn 6 – Right (To Dam) Turn 7 – Straight (To Underwater) Turn 8 –...

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Zwift Course Maps and Details

This page includes route maps and basic details for all Zwift routes. Jump to Richmond Routes or London Routes. You may also be interested in grabbing a poster or printable map of Watopia, Richmond, or London. Watopia Big Loop Watopia’s “Big Loop” was added with the Mayan jungle expansion in late October 2017. It includes the Epic KOM (currently the longest climb on Zwift), the new Mayan jungle roads, and a portion of the Volcano Flat route. Route details:Distance: 42.4km (26.6 miles) Elevation Gain: 651m (2175′)Strava Forward Segment (from start banner)Strava Reverse Segment (from start banner) Watopia Flat The Watopia “Flat Route” was added when Watopia’s Ocean Boulevard came online in late December 2015. It includes the undersea tunnel and marina sections, plus the back half of the original Hilly Route. Route details:Distance: 10.3km (6.4 miles) Elevation Gain: 54m (177′)Strava Forward Segment (from start banner)Strava Forward Segment (from pier)Strava Reverse Segment (from start banner)Strava Reverse Segment (from pier)   Turns taken for Flat route: Turn 1 – Left (To Underwater) Turn 2 – Straight Turn 3 – Straight (To Marina) Turn 4 – Left (To Village) Turns taken for reverse Flat route: Turn 1 – Right (Dam) Turn 2 – Left (To Underwater) Turn 3 – Straight Turn 4 – Right (To Pier) Watopia Figure 8 (Hilly + Flat, both directions) Watopia’s “Figure 8” route covers the entire hilly and flat courses in both directions, which is actually pretty cool if you think about it. It’s a...

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