Author: Eric Schlange

What is Zwift racing like? Watch live commentary of GCN’s Simon Richardson racing in Richmond.

Committing to a race can be a bit daunting for first-timers. Zwift racing takes away many common roadblocks: there’s no entry fee, no danger of crashing, no travelling to the racecourse and reduced shame if you want to bow out! What is Zwift racing really like? I would say it’s just as hard as (perhaps even harder than) real-life racing in terms of your cardio workout. It’s easier in some senses as well: you don’t get the core workout of maneuvering your bike, and you don’t need to battle changing wind. Here’s a video where you can watch Global Cycling Network’s (GCN’s)...

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How to get the Zwift Teamup calendar on your iPhone

UPDATE: Zwift HQ now manages the Zwift events calendar, which can be found online at and also via the mobile link app. The Teamup calendar explained below is used much less, and only for events not listed on the official calendar. We’ve already discussed how the community-managed Zwift Teamup calendar currently contains the most exhaustive list of Zwift group rides and races. So how do you get that calendar to show up nicely on your iPhone? You have two options. Option 1: Use Teamup App Search for “Teamup Calendar” in the app store and install the free app (here’s the...

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The Zwift origin story, courtesy of Jon Mayfield and Slowtwitch

Zwift CEO Eric Min is probably the most recognized name in the Zwift world, but it was Jon Mayfield whose project building a simple 3D virtual power calculator for the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Road trainer eventually became the Zwift we know and love. Jon worked professionally from 1998-2013 on video games doing graphics engine programming. In April 2012 he posted some screenshots of his project on the slowtwitch forums. Jon was contacted by Eric Min in late 2013 after Eric saw that thread. The presentation to Eric Min and the business development guy Scott took place in Jon’s spare bedroom! Jon says:...

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Running multiple Zwift sessions on one PC

David Desrosiers has put together an extensive tutorial describing how to run multiple Zwift sessions on the same PC with full, persistent data. I’ve appreciated David’s attention to detail and obvious knowledge in the hardware/software arena, and this writeup does not disappoint. David talks about various “multi-Zwift” approaches that don’t work (and why) then details his approach. Click below to read the full writeup. HOWTO: Run multiple Zwift sessions on the same PC (Windows only)...

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New flat expansion “Ocean Route” opens on Watopia

Zwift CEO Eric Min made good on his promise of a new route before the end of the year–last night when the course changed to Watopia zwifters were treated to a beautiful new expansion “Ocean Route.” Here’s a quick intro video from Zwift HQ: The new route is quite flat, giving us the option of a hilly or flat ride on Watopia. It also includes plenty of cool new visual and aural effects–a glass tube so we can ride underwater with whales, dolphins and fish–and the sounds of these and other animals to go with it! Choosing Your Route You can...

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