Author: eschlange

How does Zwift calculate my speed?

Your speed in Zwift is determined by three things: Watts: the more power you’re putting into the pedals, the faster you will go Weight: lighter riders will go faster than heavier riders if both are putting out the same wattage. Game physics: inclines, draft effects, road surfaces and which bike/wheels you’re using all affect your speed. So Zwift mirrors the real world, mostly. The most obvious detail missing in the speed equation is the lack of wind: but that’s kind of nice, isn’t it? So How Do I Get Faster? You don’t have much control over the game physics, although you...

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Fully automated Zwift login on Mac OS X

Here’s a hack for Mac users which allows you to create a single icon that will log you into Zwift, with no human interaction needed. It will put in your email, password, click the “Start Ride” button and away you go! HOWTO: Fully automated Zwift login on Mac OS...

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