coplateCoPlate is a “rocking plate” for indoor cycling trainers. Your trainer is mounted securely on the top plate, which is suspended above the bottom plate by two air “shocks” which allow the top plate to rock left and right.

This rocking allows for realistic side to side bike motion while minimizing the stresses on your frame which typically come from indoor trainers.

Here’s a video showing the CoPlate in action:

CoPlate is suitable for most brands of home trainers and has mountain kits available for most Tacx models (including the Vortex, Bushido, and Neo), the Wahoo Kickr, and the Elite Real Turbo Muin. Mounting kits for CycleOps, Jetblack, Kurt Kinetic, M-Wave, Bkool, Computrainer, etc are available upon request.

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Does it work?

Yes, and quite well. The air suspension is easily adjustable so you can dial in just how easily the plate moves. I’ve found it feels great on my Neo, allowing me to stand up and pedal naturally on climbs or hard sprints.

It took me a few Zwift sessions to get used to the new rocking motion, but once I did going back to a stiff trainer on the floor felt quite rigid and restricting. Additionally, I’ve found that using the CoPlate gives me a better core workout, similar to riding outdoors.

Overall, using the CoPlate makes my Zwift workouts more realistic, comfortable, and effective.

How much does it cost?

CoPlate costs $285US to your door within the continental US and Canada. Alaska and Hawaii pay an additional $50 surcharge. USA and Canadian customers may purchase at All other customers must contact Co Boone directly through his site at to purchase.

The back story

My Tacx Neo/CoPlate combo

My Tacx Neo/CoPlate combo

I first saw the CoPlate in early 2016 when Co Boone of BIKEACCESS announced he had been developing and testing it. Co is located in the Netherlands, though, and was still getting his ordering system and inventory set up.

Several months later Co contacted me to discuss reviewing the CoPlate here on ZwiftBlog. I agreed to do so, and soon inquired about helping Co to market this product here in the US as well as Canada. He was excited about the prospect, so we agreed that I would market CoPlate in the US and Canada and forward all orders to Co for fulfillment.

Please note: I did not get paid to review the CoPlate, nor did I receive my CoPlate for free. I purchased it for my personal use and liked it so much that I contacted Co about helping him get the word out to others.

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