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Monthly Challenge for May: Everest

From challenge organizer Al Clewley–here’s this month’s challenge! This month’s Strava climbing challenge is dedicated to “sending some love to the athletes on Mt. Everest by climbing 8848 meters”. That’s a big ask on Zwift in one go, so instead (and still far from easy), this month I’m challenging you to climb 8848 feet in one Zwift session. Rules: 1. Post a qualifying screenshot with the height range shown between 8848 and 8858 feet inclusive. (Use the ‘U’ key to select units to “feet”!) Post your screenshot on the Zwift Riders thread. That’s it! You can ride long and...

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Nathan Guerra: Gamer and Pro Cyclist turned Zwift Broadcaster

Jason King over at Zwift HQ posted an excellent interview with Nathan Guerra, everyone’s favorite Zwift race commentator. It includes some interesting bits about Nathan, including: How World of Warcraft helped him gain fitness How he became the #1 ranked USA Cycling MTB Pro in 2015 (and wants to repeat for 2016) That he has logged over 15,000 miles on Zwift since he became an early beta tester Read the full interview...

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Zwift Spring Hammerfest registration closes tomorrow

The Zwift Spring Hammerfest runs from May 1st, 2016 – May 6th, 2016. This is a three stage hammerfest held over six days. Riders have 48 hours to complete each stage and upload a result to Strava. This Hammerfest event will have you riding as fast as possible! The highlight of the race is stage 2’s dramatic down hill race from tower to ocean. Queue up the TT bike and your fastest virtual wheels and leave it all on the road. Stage Details Stage 1 – Watopia Ocean Crush – May 1st & 2nd The Hammerfest kicks off with a 6.4 mile (10.3...

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