suuntoIf you want to connect use Zwift you’ll need to have an ANT+ USB 2.0 dongle, or use the Bluetooth connection on the Zwift Mobile App or your Mac.

ANT+ USB dongles plug into your computer, allowing communicating back and forth between your computer and your devices (smart trainer, power meters, heart rate/cadence/speed monitors, etc).

  • Garmin: Reliable and recommended by Zwift, ~$30 on Amazon
  • Suunto Movestick Mini: seems to be just as reliable as the Garmin, also ~$30 on Amazon
  • Docooler: Performed perfectly in my tests. Ships by itself, no documentation–but plug it in and it works. ~$19 on Amazon
  • Anself (not recommended): These Chinese dongles are pretty cheap, for good reason. I’ve used several and they typically work fine, but seem more prone to interference (so you see more signal drops and limited range.) $9.27 on AliExpress

While you’re at it, get a USB extension cable. They’re cheap, and allow you to move your ANT+ dongle as close to your trainer as you’d like. The AmazonBasics cables work well and only cost $5-$6.

Problems getting your ANT+ dongle to work with Zwift? Check out this support page.